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??. DYNAMITE JERKY ?? Premium quality homemade jerky! Premium cuts of meat, quality ingredients in every marinade, and that homemade taste that just leaves you salivating. We got tired of seeing flavour less, processed, over dried jerky behind sold everywhere so we decided to bring back the quality and flavour to give you the jerky that you deserve. Our jerky is hand cut using premium quality beef, our marinades are hand crafted using the best ingredients, we marinate each batch of jerky for 24 hours to allow maximum flavour and we make our jerky fresh each month so that when it arrives to you, you KNOW you are tasting the best there is. With 6 flavours to choose from: ♠️ - Honey Soy and Garlic. ♠️ - Smokey BBQ. ♠️ - Rosemary and Red Wine. ♠️ - Sweet Chili. ♠️ - Peri Peri. ♠️ - Dynamite 500. There is a flavour to suit everyone. From the avid chili connoisseur to the rustic hickory smoke of a wood chip bbq. We have you covered. $99.00 for 1kg of any flavour, with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia. $115 for our Tasting Hamper consisting of: 5 x 200 gram bags of the flavours of your choosing with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia.

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